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Pain : Trauma

Past Life Blocks  

Stress Management 

Personal Development  


Wellness Menu

Adult physical session :            £50

Adult personal development :   £65

Online distant session :            £85

Food Testing:                          £65

School Age Children:               £30

Half Day Fun Personal Development Workshops                             £50

Message or WhatsApp : 0781 808 2120


What They Say

I’ve been honoured to work with some amazing human beings of all ages and am deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences.

Scroll below and see what some of my previous clients had to say.

They have chosen images to represent their testimonial.

Fiona has been my 'go to' health & wellness consultant for over 20 years.....whether it's been for my physical aches & pains or to get my head 'sorted out'!!.....even my children now ask to go see her.  HT  Glasgow

These 2 images made me laugh because they're like a before and after of me from my Kinesiology personal development sessions with Fiona.... 

Jim T.  Dumbarton

I took my 7 year old daughter to Fiona because she was having multiple difficulties at school....her focus, behaviour, reading and writing were all causing concern.

She is now 9.....and continuing to blossom.  I asked her to help choose an image for Fiona....and this is the one she liked.        Thank you.  AS Renfrewshire

happy stick female.jpg

I had a lot of health problems listed in the image I chose.   The first thing Fiona did was a food intolerance test to see what my body was having problems with.    That made a huge difference.   Then she recommended a couple of supplements that have been fantastic..... I would definitely recommend going to see Fiona.             Margaret.    Clydebank


Keep Evolving

Since 1986, I’ve been helping my clients of all ages find their optimal wellness using Kinesiology & other complementary therapies leading to their healthier lifestyle choices.

I originally qualified as a Physical Education Teacher and went on to study complementary therapies and finally chose to specialise in Kinesiology in 1989.  Being a teacher, I saw the potential of using Educational Kinesiology in schools to help children with Dyslexia, ADHD and ASD...however to do this, I first had to gain a Post Graduate Teaching Diploma in Special Education Needs in 1994.

As a Natural Health & Wellness Consultant I've been working in the broad field of personal development & stress management for over 30 years - specialising in the use of Kinesiology and other therapies to help people to move forward & achieve fulfillment.

I work with all ages & offers Kinesiology Coaching, Workshops and Holistic treatments...and jokingly refer to myself as a human baggage handler!

About Me & My Professional Approach

I truly believe that we are here to experience Life,

and to evolve from those let go of

'things' that are no longer helpful to our wellbeing.

These things could be beliefs, mental thoughts,

emotions, habits, sabotage patterns, foods...

past events & even certain people. 

I have a broad spectrum of 'tools' that I use to help

you to move forward making beneficial choices.

As a Natural Health & Wellness Consultant & qualified teacher in Special Education, I aim to assist you in creating a life balance that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self.

Is it time to start nurturing your body and Soul?


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