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About You.....

Choosing To Change

It’s TIME for change...and 1-1 Kinesiology Life Coaching helps you to create that change by identifying the best goal (by communicating with your Soul & Spirit...your Higher Self) to take you forward.

We then identify what is blocking you from achieving your Goal. These ‘blocks’/sabotage patterns/limiting beliefs/emotional & mental habits are often hiding in that part of the iceberg that we don’t see – your unconscious mind. Once identified, these barriers are diffused & overwritten with new, positive guidelines to take you forward to your successful future.  Kinesiology Life Coaching is about any of the topics below.....and more.  It gets you focused, accountable and on track to achieving the best in Your Self.....and it’s fun! 

A Kinesiology Coaching Session last 80-90 minutes and cost £65.



emotional baggage.jpg

Online Sessions cost £85

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FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING....identifies food substances and drinks that have a detrimental affect on your frequencies.

This can manifest in physical, mental and emotional imbalances that affect your wellbeing and functioning.  Although we have a wide range of testing vials...clients are encouraged to bring along SPECIFIC items they would like to be tested for. We can work with babies.  £65 (up to 90 min)

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT....Is the human equivalent of house ‘makeover’!

Kinesiology Coaching clears out old energy & accumulated ‘debris’ that you collect on a day to day basis from external & internal stressors that deplete your performance..... to get you moving forward again. £65 (up to 90 mins) Online Sessions cost £85


STRESS MANAGEMENT - Is about identifying the signs of Mental, Emotional & Physical imbalances as early as possible......and minimising the effects of negative life events, traumas and even past life events. The more aware you become, the sooner you can take action and the healthier you remain.

Kinesiology Coaching increases your awareness of the signs & effects of stress & gives you tools to counteract these effects and ideally prevent them in the first place.   £65 (up to 90 min)  Online Sessions cost £85

Your Story

People, of all ages...children to seniors, come for Kinesiology for all sorts of different reasons.   Some have physical aches & pains that are not responding to other forms of treatment....and often Kinesiology does help because we do not separate the physical from the mental & emotional...and it's not unusual for a physical pain to have a non-physical source!

Some come for Food Intolerance Testing because they perhaps have IBS or other digestive upsets....or headaches/migraines and again even physical aches & pains can be caused by food intolerances.  I've even worked with babies who are having various issues with baby formulas.

Others may simply be feeling 'stuck'....repeating the same life patterns and getting the same outcomes year in & year out....

However, no matter what a client chooses to come for....they all have one thing in common.....and that is.....

somethings need to change!


Meet My Team

me smiling.jpg's ME!......and my hands.....and my knowledge, experience & sass!!
Sometimes Malty is with me too; in fact, some clients only book their session with me if Malty is going to be there!!  She has a beautiful healing energy.
iTeraCare terahertz frequency is for everyone in the family.... even Malty loves it and obviously benefits from it or she wouldn't keep coming back for more!!
Malty iTeraCare.jpeg
You can use it on yourself, your water, your food, your enhance the energy and wellness....and drying your hair with it is health enhancing rather than the harmful EMF radiation from normal hairdryers. 
**You can order this through meor I can send you a link (it's a wee bit tricky to order) cost around £400 depending on the exchange rate.
*** There are cheap fakes on the internet so PLEASE don't waste your money because they don't have the scaler technology and crystals of the original.
I am very discerning when it comes to natural supplements.....because many have cheap 'fillers' and poor quality active ingredients.....this is why good, quality supplements are often more Wellness Products
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