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Kinesiology for

Personal Development : Muscular Pain

Stress Management : Food Intolerance Testing : 

Trauma : Past Life Blocks

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Adult physical session :                   60 mins      £50

Adult personal development : up to 90 mins      £65

Online personal development :                         £85

Food Testing:                        up to  90 mins      £65

School Age Children:                                        £30

Kinesiology approaches all health issues by using gentle muscle tapping into your fluctuating frequencies that can identify physical, mental, emotional imbalances, as well as dietary & environmental sensitivities....any of which can prevent optimum health being achieved.  Kinesiology is a safe, health-enhancing therapy, suitable for everyone...from infants to the elderly. It does not diagnose or cure/treat diseases, identifies specific blocks preventing your healing taking place and provides solutions for changing to a more beneficial outcome for your Self.

Kinesiology helps to holistically identify and manage the stressors of Life - regardless of your age.

Stress is caused by overloading the Body on one or more of the levels we function on, e.g.

* Physically - muscles, joints, organs (heart, liver, kidneys, bowel etc)

* Mentally - anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, overwhelm etc

* Emotionally - fear, guilt, anger, grief, frustration, resentment, rejection etc

* Nutritionally - allergies/intolerances and supplements

* Environmentally - chemicals, fumes, air & water pollution

* Educationally - dyslexia, ADHD, Spectrum...etc


A Kinesiology session is called a Balance and is a very holistic therapy that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional influences on your well as relationships and even your environments.

The ever increasing interest and demand for this fascinating therapy is due to success in identifying the root of a your well as providing solutions to help you move forward in the best possible direction.

Goal setting...using your a very important part of the Balance.

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